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Watch 'em burn!

Here's the tragic story of an extra-crispy VW

A while back something terrible happened. Something that changed the course of human history. (well, mine anyway) My girlfriend and I were driving home in our '74 Karmann Ghia. When we were about four blocks from home I noticed a lack in power and then the lights started fading and the engine was cutting out. Huh, I thought, thats strange, better stop. So I pulled over and smelled smoke. Looking back over my shoulder I saw flames rolling out of the back of the car. RUN!! I shouted. I immediately called 911.Luckily I had a foam fire extinguisher in the car. I ran back, popped the decklid, and started spraying. Nothing happened. At all. The fire continued to burn. During this time my girlfriend had ran across the street to a gas station get another extinguisher. It was one of those huge industrial types. After emptying it into the engine and seeing no results I really began to get discouraged. The fire trucks arrived a few minuites later and finally put it out. After towing it home and letting it cool of over night I started to investigate the cause of the fire. Electrical? No, everything looked fine(as good as it can after cooking for 5 minuites). Gas? All of the fuel lines were still clamped on tight. What the hell caused it? There is a little $0.35 rubber bushing in the firewall behing the left side of the fan shroud. The fuel supply line runs through it. It was gone. Not melted away, gone. The metal fuel line had been rubbing on the metal and had started to leak. Unfortunately this is just above where the power cable runs to the starter. After running down the wire it bridged the starter terminals and caught on fire. Every time I put the fire out the gas would run back down the wire and reignite. So here's the moral of the story. The next time you're doing anything to your VW check those seals! It doesn't take long for an aluminum fuel line to be cut and cost you hundreds of dollars. It only takes five minuites to put in a new grommet.


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