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My 1978 Sachs Eagle Moped

September 3, 2000: Today I drove 300 miles to pick up my new moped. Odometer: 1376
September 4, 2000: It won't start. Seller sais it's the carb.
September 5, 2000: Removed, cleaned, and replaced carb. Still won't start. I checked the spark plug and it won't spark.
September 6, 2000: Checked all wiring. OK. Removed engine cover and checked points. The points adjustment screw had come loose and the points were not opening. IT RUNS!
September 11, 2000: I've put over 100 miles on it so far; getting about 85 mpg which is great since gas is up to $1.56. It's running great. Today I cleaned and repainted the engine covers and polished the rims and fenders. Adjusted carb. It now tops out at about 27 mph on a flat stretch and I've had it up to 38 down a hill. Odometer: 1492
September 14, 2000: The accellerator cable broke today. Here's an easy way to make another one and it will only cost you about you dollars. Go to a bicycle shop and get a single ended brake cable. Use a Dremel or a grinder to shave down the end to fit into the carburator and needle slide. Just run it through the existing housing and use the clamp to hold it in the handle. I would like to thank the guys at M.C. Cycle (2207 Burlington St, Columbia, MO 65202) for showing me how to make all of the adjustments on my moped.
September 26, 2000: Since I readjusted everything my mpg has greatly improved. It's now up to 103 mpg! Remember to check everything every 100 miles and keep everything lubed. Odometer: 1647

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