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Here are the specs of my Sachs moped

Designation: Sachs 505/1A
Design: Single cylinder two-stroke gasoline engine
Cooling: Airstream-cooled (just like my VW)
Capacity: 47 cc / 2.87 in³
Bore: 38 mm / 1.5 in
Stroke: 42mm / 1.66 in
Compression: 8
Output: 1.3 kW / 1.8 HP @ 4500 rpm
Engine lubrication: Oil / gas mixture of 1:50
Gearbox: Helical teeth spur gearwheels
Gearbox lubrication: 250 cc of speaial Sachs gear oil (10W30 or 10W40 works just as well)
Clutch: Twin-plate centrifugal clutch with hand-operated starting clutch
6V 17W to 23W
Spark advance: 2.5±3 mm / 25-28 degrees before TDC
Ignition point gap: 0.4±0.05mm
Spark plug: Bosch W7A (W175T1) with SAE connecting nut
Spark plug gap: 0.5 mm
Carburetor: Bing single slide
Air filter: Paper air filter in intake silencer with built-in starting device (choke)
Exhaust pipe: 26 x 400 mm external, 24 x 200 mm internal
Engine sprocket: 11 teeth

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